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Speedwells Porsche 997 Turbo R

It’s been a long and tiring build but I'm pleased to announce all my hard work is pretty much complete on this build and at the point where its almost ready for launch to the world.

I always knew it would be a bit of a challenge to build this car, especially the fact I wanted the Turbo as the base model, as for me its the model to have, the people that know me know I like a turbo, or two, and the “R” conversion is specifically designed for the GT3 chassis, so that’s in itself is a slightly bigger task, but the thought of having a Turbo R road car was my vision and already under my skin, I just had to build it, so with my beloved Toyota Supra’s sold, cash in my pocket the search was on for a Turbo 997 chassis.

It wasn't long before I came across the right base car, which happened to be the old Dragon Motorsport demo car, luckily I could see through their attempt of an aero conversion, which wasn't the best, adding splitters, diffusers and rear wing assembly is great, but not so great when its all manufactured in metal, which weighed as much as small car, it just looked rather horrific, but within a couple of hours of the car in my possession all those add on editions were removed.

A call to my good friends at VAD who supplied me the full “R” conversion less the rear wing assembly as I had my own ideas for the rear wing and it was all systems go.


Its been a long winter with lots of after hours, whilst hitting a few challenges here and there along the way as you would expect with a build of this magnitude, as the aero kit just is not intended for the Turbo model, but with my thought process and some good people to assist with the build I have achieved my goal of bringing the “R” 997 Porsche not just to the road, but looking like a road car in the process, which is the most pleasing part, as this conversion has been done before as a road car, but still has the essence of ta race track road car, which is a look I didn't want, my personal vision of a road going Turbo-R has come to fruition.

A full photoshoot will be happening over the next few days, so check back for details and following our Instagram and Facebook pages to follow the Turbo-R journey.


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