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After selling my beloved Toyota Supra's it was time for a new challenge, with a new goal, I'm a huge Porsche fan especially the 997 chassis, for me that is the best one to date and that is the one I really wanted, so the Bi-Turbo range topper was selected.

After a chat with my good friend at VAD Design regarding their carbon fibre wider body "R" wide body aero programme, the build was set, but it was going to be a challenge as the aero kit is designed specifically for the GT3 chassis, but unperturbed and knowing my own ability, the aero kit was ordered and the based car purchased. 

The conversion took me a little longer than I had anticipated, but quality is everything to me, I pride myself doing things correctly and my reputation is paramount, firstly as a business, also as a car builder, modifying cars has become a huge part of my life, and as they say form and function, which is how all my car builds are put together.

With the aero kit fitted and then painted by my partner Taj from Perfections, it was time to hone and set up the GT3R adjustable suspension, along with the the bespoke custom centre exit exhaust, so I drafted in my friends at Dynotorque for their immense welling and chassis skills. To complete the race look a set of VAD CR-Evo 3 piece forged concave wheels measuring 10.5x19 front and 14x19 rear fitted with 265/35R19F and 345/30R19R front and rear respectively, refinished with Matte Black centres, gloss black outer rims, gloss god inner barrels with gold hardware. 


I still have work to do on the car, but as I'm always updating and installing and trialling new parts and new ideas, this Turbo-R will always evolve.           




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