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diamond cutting



As our Business at Speedwells expands, so does our business practises, so we are happy to announce our all new In-house Diamond cutting service.

I have been wanting to add this elite service to my business for a while now, but with being so busy I’ve been waiting for the right time to invest and find a space in my ever expanding Head Quarters, and I’m pleased to be able to offer this service.  

Thanks to the OEM manufacturers the classy diamond cut wheel look doesn’t seem to be slowing down, let’s face it a diamond cut wheels never look the same when they have been painted, Manufacturers use this finish to make a statement about how they want their prestigious car to look, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW, Bentley, Lexus are just a few OEM manufactures to use this wheel finish on their range toppers, diamond cut wheels are here to stay and it’s a
process I’m pleased to add to the Speedwells Resume.

So why are Diamond cut wheels so popular with the manufacturers? it offers a two tone look to the wheel, with either a Black or Anthracite used as the base colour, then the very top surface of the wheel is machined which gives a very eye catching classy look, but like with any wheel, diamond cut wheels can also get chipped, kerb damaged, general wear and tear, etc. They can just be repainted like normal alloy wheels, however they look their best when they get brought back to life by re-machining that top face clean cut exposed metal look.

Average time scale to diamond cutting a set of wheels is a few hours, but first we have to profile the wheel design which is the time consuming part of the project, once this has been done, we can then machine the alloy face and then clear coat which is the final part of the procedure.

We are fully trained lathe operatives, with our state-of-the-art technology are able to refurbish diamond cut wheels, done with precision and the usual speedwells quality.


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