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Speedwells Porsche 997 GT3R Build

Most people around Europe know our name from our JZA80 Toyota Supra builds, and not too blow our own trumpet, but we didn't do a bad job at all putting together our vision of what a wide body Supra should look like, our stunning red example went global and thanks to the build in particular it put the Speedwell brand well and truly on the global map.

Speedwells Porsche 997 Base Model

Speedwells main core business is alloy wheel refinishing, my passion is building cars, and with my two Supra's sold its was time to move on to a new challenge, but the problem is what can you follow a super wide 800 BHP Supra with, and whatever it is it has to be pretty special as the Supra has pretty big boots to fill.

I have always love the Porsche brand, especially in Turbo form and seeing our good friends over at VAD producing what must be some of the best looking wide body programs for the Porsche brand, my choice was the wide body "R" aero pack for the 997 so after a little bit of searching around my local car trade friends a beautiful Black 06 Bi-Turbo example was quickly purchased, and within a day the kit was ordered, and the 997 stripped of all the oem parts that will not be required, as well as the Techart front and rear bumpers.


This is going to be one challenging build, but one I am personally looking forward to, as i do love a challenge its the first UK road going GT3R to be built, and this one is a Turbo base car, so lots to modify.

Follow us on the Build journey, as we transform our 997 Turbo into something very special.


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